Questions & Answers

            Q. What experience do you have in Wedding Videography?

            A. I have been “doing” weddings since 1986, I have done hundreds.


            Q.  How far do you travel?

            A.  I live in Bethlehem, Pa. I will travel at least 90 miles in any direction.

            Q. How do you dress at a wedding and reception?   

            A Always in a tuxedo.   

            Q. When will our DVDs be done?

            A. I start editing the next day, and will usually have them done in a week or less.

            Q. There are so many great things in your basic package, must we do everything?   

            A  No, it’s your day & your DVDs, I will do exactly what you want done.   

            Q. What is your style while working?

            A. Never, “in your face”, or anyone else's.  I will be as invisible as I possibly can.

            Q. Have you ever missed a wedding?

            A. No, I have never missed a wedding, been late to a wedding, or canceled a wedding.

            Q. What happens if you make a mistake in the editing process and don’t catch it?

            A. That rarely happens, but if I misspell a name or forget something, I will re-edit.

            Q. Is there ever any conflict with the clergy, photographer, or DJ?

            A. No, I work very well with these people, most of them are friends who I see often.

            Q. Are there any hidden charges?

            A. No, my price list is set. No travel charges, no overtime charges, no surprises.

            Q. That testimonial letter sounded great. How do I know you didn’t make it up?

            A. I have dozens of similar thank you notes. You may inspect any or all of them.

            Q. At the reception, do you put a camera in everyones face and make them talk?

            A. No, the DJ will announce anyone wishing to leave a message may do so with me.

            Q. What is the deposit to reserve our wedding date?

            A. $100


            Q. What is your mailing address?

            A. Elite Expressions Video

                3072 Millstone Drive

                Bethlehem, Pa. 18020-2871.

   All  current photos on this site courtesy of Mary Alice Fassl Photography.